Waitohu School - To Be Our Best


At Waitohu School we have a Kawa of Care that outlines our shared understandings and expectations of how students will use and care for the Chromebook they are using, at school or home. If they do not follow these expectations they cannot use a Chromebook.

Below is a copy of these expectations. Please go over these with your tamariki.

Kawa of Care

Chromebooks at Waitohu School are for the sole purpose of learning. This Kawa of Care is an agreement between students, parents and school to ensure that the best care and responsibility is exercised when using Chromebooks or any device with the ………….@waitohu.school.nz domain name. 


Caring for my Chromebook

  • I will respect the Chromebook, power charger and bag, by always looking after it and keeping it safe.
  • I will make sure the Chromebook is charged every day.   
  • I will keep the Chromebook away from food, drink, paints etc.
  • I will keep the Chromebook away from the edge of tables.
  • I will always close the lid and carry the Chromebook with two hands when I have to move from where I am working. 
  • I will be gentle with the buttons. 
  • At school, I will leave my Chromebook in the cupboard to be locked up before and after school.
  • If my parents want me to take my Chromebook home:
    1. I will keep it secure when I am not using it.
    2. I will bring it to school the next day, ready for learning.
    3. I will put the Chromebook away somewhere where other siblings can’t get hold of it.
    4. When charging it, I will make sure the charger is in a safe place so that people won’t trip over it.
    5. If I leave the house, I will make sure the Chromebook is secure.  
    6. I will keep the Chromebook in the bag when I am not using it, and also when going to and from school. 

Internet Safety

  • I will use the Chromebook for learning only.
  • I will respect others by always using this Chromebook to interact with others in a kind, positive and helpful way.
  • I will check in with my teacher or parents to ask if I am able to work on the internet.
  • I will always use my Chromebook for agreed learning tasks and be in the right place at the right time when I am on the internet.
  • I will always tell an adult when I see or hear something inappropriate or if I feel unsafe.
  • I will follow instructions about the length of time I am allowed on to be on the internet.
  • I will protect my password and keep it completely secret. I will only use my own password. 
  • I will log out when I am not using my Chromebook.
  • My emails will only be for learning and I will CC my teacher into all my emails.
  • I will not spend long periods of time on my Chromebook, knowing that non screen time is very important for my balance.