Waitohu School - To Be Our Best

Relationship - the number one priority

What we know about learning is that unless students and adults are relaxed and feeling supported, they cannot learn. Being stressed or pressured puts us into our brainstem. Learning cannot happen when our brainpower is in our brainstem. To learn we need to have our brainpower in our frontal cortex. This happens when we feel relaxed and supported.

Knowing this, we strongly suggest that as a whānau you work out what activities, from the options we provide and the ones you already have, that you could do with your tamariki in a relaxed and supported way. If you or your tamariki find an activity stressful and harmful to your relationship, it isn't worth doing. It is way better to choose a different activity. If what we suggest causes stress, don't do it. Do something different that is good for your relationship. For us, your relationship being ka pai with your tamariki, is the number one priority.