Waitohu School - To Be Our Best

Connecting with staff

I am really happy to be contacted at anytime during this COVID-19 Lockdown. Remember there is no such thing as a silly question - a quick email, text or phone call may clarify your wondering. Don't hesitate to be in touch, Maine Curtis.

Email: principal@waitohu.school.nz     

Text or phone: 027 364 3131

Shelly Matheson, our Deputy Principal, is also very happy to be contacted at anytime during this COVID-19 Lockdown. 

Email: shelly.m@waitohu.school.nz      

Text or phone: 027 575 0737

Availability of teachers

Teachers will be making time to connect with students and parents between:

- 9.00am and 3.00pm

- Monday to Friday 

- During term time, until the COVID-19 Lockdown has finished.

Just like a regular school day teachers will be taking breaks during the day.

If your teacher is sick and unable to work you will be emailed at the start of the day. This is not a context where relievers will be available.

Connecting with teachers

The first point of connection is email.  Teachers' email addresses are below:

Denise Creasy - Room 1  denise.c@waitohu.school.nz 

Kirstin Scott - Room 2  kirstin.s@waitohu.school.nz

Kahura Cameron - Room 3 kahura.c@waitohu.school.nz 

Annie Spratt - Room 4  annie.s@waitohu.school.nz 

Jason Ward - Room 5  jason.w@waitohu.school.nz

Kylie Plunkett - Room 6 (Mon - Thurs)  kylie.p@waitohu.school.nz

Adrian Leason - Room 6 (Friday) adi.l@waitohu.school.nz 

Andrea Sturmey - Room 7  andrea.s@waitohu.school.nz

Delia Glogowski - Room 8  delia.g@waitohu.school.nz

Angela Graham - Room 10  angela.g@waitohu.school.nz 

Karen Hansen - Room 11 (Mon - Thurs)  karen.h@waitohu.school.nz

Sheralee Mildenhall - Room 11(Friday) sheralee.m@waitohu.school.nz

Robyn Browne - Room 12  robyn.b@waitohu.school.nz