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Rooms 3, 4, 5, 6 & 12

 Kia ora from all the Senior Syndicate teachers,

Today Mrs Mat will be be available for online learning. Students can Google Meet with Mrs Mat at 9.30am this morning.

These are just some simple instructions to get you started with the ways we will be providing some home learning opportunities on the new Senior Syndicate website.  Please remember as much or as little that works best for you and your child is just fine … and we are all learners in providing teaching and learning this way!  

Please email Shelly Matheson, if there are any issues with your child accessing what they need. 


Senior Syndicate Site



Many students are very familiar with going on to their class website and using this as a base for working. The Senior Syndicate website works in much the same way, as a shared learning space. The teachers have been working with their classes, familiarising the students with this new website. Some of our Year 4 students are relatively new to a lot of this technology. PLEASE do not expect them to be independent in using the website on their Chromebook. Most likely they will need your support, or the support of an older sibling or whānau member.


The Senior Syndicate website is divided into curriculum areas. Classroom teachers will be providing a programme of work for your children. The children should have the passwords that they need for Mathletics, Reading Eggspress, and Stepsweb (if they use this). These are the online websites we use at school to support numeracy and literacy. If your child can’t access what they need please email Shelly Matheson.


At Waitohu School we use a New Zealand developed, cloud-based, instructional management system called Hāpara. Hāpara helps us to create a safe online learning environment. Teachers are able to set up documents for the children to use in their learning and they can access all of the work students produce on their Chromebooks.

Please note teachers cannot see what is on your child’s screen when they are working at home. We suggest students use their Chromebooks in a public part of your home and that you are regularly checking in to see what they are choosing to do while on their Chromebook.


We have set up a 9.30am-3.00pm day, (3 bands - 9.30-10.45, 11.30-12.45 and 1.30-3.00pm) with opportunities to connect with the teacher at the above times. Children will be able to go back into the meeting during these times to get support from the teacher. We suggest that working for 20 to 30 minutes (maximum), on any of these curriculum areas at one time is appropriate. Remember there are also a lot of other activities that can be accessed off the Some Suggestions page. These times need to be fun - not a strain or stress to anyone.


Teachers will also be using emails to communicate with you and your child.  

If you go to the Connecting with Staff page of this COVID Home Learning section of our school website each teachers' email address is available. 


Google Meets:

If you go to the Connecting with Staff page of this COVID Home Learning section of our school website there is information about how you can organise to have a face-to-face catch up with a teacher.