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Rooms' 1, 2, 7, 10 & 11

Kia ora from all the Junior Syndicate teachers,

These are just some simple instructions to get you started with the ways we will be providing some learning opportunities over the next little while.  Please remember as much or as little that works best for you and your child is just fine … and we are all learners in providing teaching and learning this way!  From the 15th April (start of Term 2) we are available to answer any questions and help you with any set-up issues via email.

Some of our younger students may not have used these ways of learning in the classroom much yet and will need a little support to get started.


Junior Syndicate teachers will be using ‘Seesaw’ as the main medium through which learning activities and information will be shared.  This is a platform which allows us to assign activities, share videos or photos and announcements with your child.  It also allows them to complete activities at home and send them back to us, access their own journal where completed activities are stored, upload photos or videos to us and send messages.

‘Seesaw’ can be used on a smartphone, iPad or computer.

On a smartphone or iPad you need the ‘Seesaw Class’ app from the Appstore.  (Please note it must be ‘Seesaw Class’ not ‘Seesaw Family’ which some of you may already have, as this doesn’t have access to the class site)

On a computer or laptop go to app.seesaw.me

Your child’s individual home learning code will be emailed to you prior to the start of the term.

https://web.seesaw.me/remote-learning-for-families provides great information and instructions on how to use Seesaw.

If you go to the bottom of this page there are:

  • How to use Seesaw

  • Home learning tips for families

Room 2 parents have been using the app Class Dojo this year and the majority of Room 2 whānau are already connected. Instead of Seesaw Room 2 will continue to use Class Dojo. It provides the same functions as Seesaw. Miranda Galland, Room 2's teacher has sent individual emails to parents who weren't already connected to Class Dojo. If Room 2 whānau have any questions don't hesitate to contact Maine on principal@waitohu.school.nz prior to April 15 or Miranda on her email after this date.


Teachers will also be using emails to communicate with you and your child.  Some learning, links or videos may be sent by email rather than Seesaw.  

Reading Eggs/Mathseeds:

You should have received your child’s Reading Eggs password in an email from the school office.  This also allows them access to Mathseeds.

You only need the Reading Eggs app for a smartphone or iPad or https://readingeggs.co.nz/ for a laptop or computer.  After you enter the login this also allows you to access Mathseeds from the next screen.  (Reading Express follows on from Reading Eggs, so please check with your child if they are using this that it is where they are up to).

Activities may be assigned by teachers which will appear after login, and need to be completed before they can access their general map. Otherwise students can complete their own tasks which will automatically come up as they move around the map in both Reading Eggs and Mathseeds. If your child has not used Mathseeds before, on the initial screen please select 'Start at 

Level 1' - not the 'placement test' option.


You should also have received your child’s Mathletics password if their class uses this.  

You’ll need the Mathletics app for a smartphone or iPad or https://www.mathletics.com/nz/ for computer or laptop.

There may also be activities assigned by their teacher when they log in which need completing before they will have access to the other parts of Mathletics.