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Extra Suggestions

Some suggestions for you to consider. Choose the ones that you'll enjoy.

Increase that heart rate!

Get outside in your yard and MOVE….run around, ride your bike, bounce on your tramp, use your skipping rope … anything! If it’s wet, try the go noodle fitness videos. 

Try and do this a couple of times a day.  

Read, Read, READ!!!

Make sure you keep up with your reading.  Read the paper, read a book, read a recipe, listen to an audio book, read a Reading Eggspress book, listen to the BFGstorytimeDavid Walliams or read aloud with a whānau member.

Read anything!  Try and read for at least 20 minutes a day.

Choose Kind

An act of kindness every day, big or small, can make such a difference in someone else’s day. Make this happen!


Get away from those screens and play!  Get out your lego, your toys, your paints, drawing pad, a cardboard box - anything! Play a card game or board game with your whānau. Just play!

Try something new

Grow those neural pathways by trying something new and practising it each day. Learn a new word or game or read a different genre of book. The more you do it - the easier it will become.

  Try a new food

Have a go at cooking and eating something you haven’t tried before, or maybe it’s something you have tried in the past and didn’t like. Find and share your favourite recipe with the class and cook a meal for your whānau.  

Keyboard Skills

Practise your keyboard skills. 

Try using

typing club

See how much faster and how much more accurate you can get

Te Reo   

Start your day with our Tuku Mihi and share our Mihi Mo Te Kai with your whānau. 

Practice your pepeha. 

Take a look at Tōku Reo.

There is a heap of fun stuff in there!


Record what you do each day on your holiday.  

Write your thoughts on a  Google doc, slide or on your blog. Include some of the things you have done from this list. 

Be creative and add any pictures or screencastify recordings. 


It’s been a busy term, so make sure you take the time to slow down.  Try putting on some relaxing music, help in the garden or practice some of go noodle flow meditation techniques. Teach your whānau! 

Take a photo

Take a photo of yourself doing something from this list each day and send it to yourself at your school email address or add it to your diary. 

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