Waitohu School - To Be Our Best

  To Be Our Best


Meaning of the Words


Be yourself, you don't have to do what other people say. You need to be strong and individual and you need to stand up for yourself. Sometimes you can stand up for your friends. You're really just being yourself.  Sophrose

It means to look after people and to let them be themselves, without taking control.  Remana  

Accepting people for who they are and not judging them. Always encouraging other people to be their best and do their best.  Teinn

You have to take care of them and if they are different, you treat them the same way you'd treat your family.  Stephanie


To try as hard as you can on something that you're not really used to and to improve your skills with something you're not really good at. Tehya

In whatever you do have commitment and try. Kaya                       

To do your best at everything.   Justise

It means giving your best in everything and trying your hardest, even if you don't finish or win it.  Jarrod

To do your best in school …… in writing, spelling, reading and drawing …. so you learn all the stuff you need to, so when you want to do something, you can do what you wantTelesia