Waitohu School - To Be Our Best

Gardening Club

Most Mondays, Kirsten London works with our Gardening Club students to do some educating, watch their gardens grow and just to have some fun! Kirsty is brilliant.

Every day senior students place recycling foods scrap bins near students' eating areas to enable us to make our own compost. Students put their recyclable food, like fruit and vegetables, in them. Behind the hall we have our composting bins. All the scraps go into these composting bins. In autumn, leaves are collected for the compost.

The Gardening Club sometimes visit Manakau School to see their garden and they come and visit ours. At times they have competitions such as a pumpkin growing competition, or have independent challenges like growing their own plants at home and writing garden diaries.

We have four garden beds. Things the Gardening Club grow includes mustard, carrots, garlic cloves, brassicas, broccoli, beans, peas and tomatoes. Lemons are grown in dragon terracotta pots.

Lots of learning occurs about things like... companion plants, compost layers ( example: sticks, lawn clippings, manure, foods scraps/ garden waste, lawn clippings and more food scraps/ garden waste).

The junior syndicate made the Gardening Club an awesome scarecrow.

At different times during the year, the gardening group cooks and bakes, using the produce from our gardens. They have made things like filled bread cases, soups, dips and other yummy treats like lemon muffins and zucchini muffins.