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Inquiry Learning 

The Inquiry Process is the major teaching process and platform through which the curriculum areas of Science, Social Sciences, Technology, Health and some Mathematic Strands are taught. This is in recognition of the paradigm shift that has occurred within education, from an emphasis on 'just in case'  learning to 'just in time' learning.

For a lot of last century, education was constructed around teaching knowledge on a 'just in case' we might need to use it basis. As any internet search on Google illustrates, knowledge and content keep increasing at an expediential rate. In recognition of this, the emphasis in education has now changed to 'just in time' learning.

Under a 'just in time' framework the focus is on students being able to 'know' how to ask relevant questions, 'know' where to get information from, 'know' how to make sense of the information, as well as checking its reliability and validity and then 'knowing' how to use the information to meet the original purpose of their inquiry. In this instance – 'Where is Indonesia?, What language is spoken?, How many people live there?, What is the national sport? etc.

Just in time learning recognises and teaches from the assumption that knowing the process is more important than any particular content that may be gained.

As such, in today's world, being competent in the use of the Inquiry Model is a fundamental skill for living in society.

The teaching and learning of the Inquiry Process at Waitohu School is developmentally structured ensuring all students receive thorough and consistent opportunities to master these skills.

We use the Inquiry Koru to provide a visual overview of the Inquiry Process outlining the steps of Getting, Sorting and Using information. To learn more don't hesitate to talk to your child's teacher. Remember there is no such thing as a silly question!